How to check amity bdo ps4

Theres supposedly over 10k quests (most locked behind the amity minigame) and you certainly don't need to do even a small fraction of them. The only specific quests I think are important are the ones that give the inventory expansions and there is a list floating around somewhere with all those quests. Mar 04, 2016 · To check what Amity for each NPC give you, interact with them and look at the Amity wheel on the bottom left. Beware that for items you can purchase when you have reached a certain Amity, you will lose that Amity when you buy the item. Mar 20, 2016 · Black Desert: How to get easy Agerian Armor Hello everyone, in this video I'll show you how to get easy agerian stuff for cheap price. No need to wait for marketplace Anymore Thanks!! BDO Epheria Sailboat is known as the best T2 Barter and Trade ship. It isn’t top tier anymore, since the Great Expedition update, but it still beats many beginner tier ships. It is the easiest T2 ship to obtain, but still takes plenty of planning and work/cost to obtain one! While it is recommended to play the game with a keyboard and mouse, we have received many reports of official Microsoft game pads being very easy to set up and get operational for BDO. Other 3rd party controllers should also work; however, these may increase your chance to encounter difficulties during both the setup and normal gameplay operations.