Signature stamp legal india

If you are signing under English law, please refer to our Notes for Signing Contracts under English Law or signing contracts under US law. Because there are laws in India which require stamp duty to be paid on some agreements and laws concerning registration of agreements, and these laws vary from state to state, legal advice is always ... SIGNATURE, eccl. law. The name of a sort of rescript, without seal, containing the supplication, the signature of the pope or his delegate, and the grant of a pardon Dict. Dr. Can. h.v. SIGNATURE, pract. contr. By signature is understood the act of putting down a man's name, at the end of an instrument, to attest its validity. Signature stamps are quick and easy to create. Custom signature stamps are a great way to quickly sign documents. Design your signature stamp with Vistaprint today and say good bye to those writer's cramps! The UCC defines a signature in several ways: A signature can be written manually or made by means of a device or machine. The person cashing the check can sign his name in ink on the back of the check or use a rubber stamp, which is usually made to order at an office supply store.