E9 error code kenwood dishwasher

Videos. We offer help and advice in the form of videos. All you need to do is browse through the different videos that we have recorded so you can visually see how to fit a certain part or gain more knowledge on a particular product. Kenmore Oven Error Code E1 F2 The oven fans were still running. There was in a week. I'm not quite sure how to interpret these error codes. If sensor resistance and ... I bought the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 2 years back and have the F2E2 code the repairman checked it today and told me even though we paid $700 plus for a quality machine appears we paid that for a 2 year dishwasher. Angers me after reading online that this company knows this is a bad part and have done nothing.Kenmore Elite Dishwashers may occasionally exhibit problems that are unrelated to a malfunction of the dishwasher itself. The following information may help you with a dishwasher problem withaut involving a repair professional.